Web-Centered Training

No industry can survive without training and a huge part of that is learning how to promote learning by coming up with engaging solutions. We’ll provide you with customized eLearning solutions that’ll provide you with efficient and cost-effective means of achieving your goals using tailored, dynamic and self-paced content.

Taking our customer’s strategic corporate objectives into consideration, we provide custom trainings using different tools and technologies including the following:

Our eLearning programs are designed to assist our customers in enhancing employee performance thereby increasing revenue in the process – while managing to reduce the cost of training. Regardless of the technologies/tools utilized, our eLearning solutions comprise of a combination of rich media, quality content, and lots of opportunities for every learner to maximize a virtual environment.

Our team is well-skilled when it comes to creating eLearning programs within our customer’s LCMS.

Advantages of our customized eLearning programs

  • Customized courseware enhancement through Rapid Learning Development Tools
  • Content development through our HTML5 and Flash/XML proprietary course engines
  • Content authoring within the boundary of our customer’s LCMS
  • Legacy course conversion so there can be multiple platform delivery
  • Localization Solutions available in more than a hundred international language

What we offer

  • We employ a training approach that provides a balance between quality, cost and speed.
  • Our instruction approach is designed to enhance the ability of the learner to retrieve information from memory, particularly when faced with real live performance situations.
  • We utilize business-centered learning strategies to tie major industry trends in other to make sure the organizations deliver maximum performance.

Mobile Learning Solutions

You must train your on-the-go force, because they won’t train themselves. Take advantage of the mobile learning solutions provided by InfoPro to make sure you’re up to speed, by combining our learning solution’s instructional design with the possibility of being able to train whenever and whenever you like.

Our mobile learning solutions are designed to provide easily digestible and objective-critical information, which provides performance-boosting solutions in a ubiquitous and timely manner. Every aspect of this solution, from the interactivities and animations, down to color depths and character sets, is media-rich, engaging and optimized to work on the latest devices.

The following are examples of the mobile learning solutions we offer
  • Native applications designed for Windows phones, iPhone/iPad, Blackberry and Android
  • Web-applications for handheld devices
  • Hybrid apps that come with API integration
  • Identity management protocols and SSL 256 encryption
We also provide the following mobile learning services:
  • Mobile learning custom content development
  • Transformation of existing eLearning content into formats that are mobile compatible
  • Interactive assessments
  • Business simulations
  • m-Refresher modules
  • Major business applications
  • API integrations and Web services
  • Enable mobility for LMS/LCMS

What we offer

Major Differentiators

  • Existing LCMS upgrading – heavy cost and maintenance.
  • Evidence-centered approach for enhancing mobile learning infrastructure.

Migration of all Legacy Flash courses into timeline and cost prohibitive mobiles


Video-Centered Learning

Why bother reading when you can watch it?

There’s practically no skill without a tutorial on the internet. These days, users are more inclined to use “on the go” videos, which is why a lot of organizations are now concentrating on developing training content so they can take advantage of this new medium to reach all their employees, regardless of where they’re located. However, developing a video learning content involves more than just shooting a couple of videos to host on the intranet.

What we’re offering:
  • Video-centered learning assessment and course content that works perfectly well on all mobile platforms
  • Employ professionals to produce and storyboard videos
  • Internationalization of videos as well as close captions
  • Manage and host videos on the cloud
  • Design tools that can measure the level of effectiveness of the video training material and also administer and manage the training content

The challenges we handle

Major Differentiators

  • One or two in-house videos on different topics is not necessarily an effective training method; a lot of employees don’t even pay any serious attention to most of this video posts.
  • When you use the company intranet to host videos, you end up limiting the speed and access of users in remote locations and those on the move.
  • There’s no methodology for tracking how truly effective the videos are on employee skills.
  • The fact that videos are posted by different teams in different formats and resolutions makes it very difficult to actually track and reuse.


Next Steps…

For any of your e-learning needs and quotations, please reach out to our Director of E-learning , Vishal Thara @ vthara@srdigitaltech.com