SR Digital Tech is aimed at helping Businesses and Corporates  save time and money creating their online courses. With decades of eLearning industry experience behind us, we know all the common frustrations course developers face.

SR Digital Tech provides customized and current learning content that makes you stay competitive – right from knowledge transfer of company processes and systems to product information. Such technically heavy and complex content becomes a challenge for the trainer to deliver and difficult for end users to consume in conventional training formats. Hence,

We develop custom E-learning content which is:

  • Sound using instructional design principles and pedagogy
  • Compliant with international E-learning standards
  • A combination of multiple media – games, quizzes, tests, simulations, video, animation, audio and graphics
  • Compatible and runs on any standard Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Highly interactive and enables tracking and scoring of each learner’s progress
  • Multilingual

We employ a multitude of technologies and tools like graphics, animations, audio-visuals, interactive games and activities that help in giving the right information in the right manner to the right audience.

Learning Strategy

Learning functions have a duty to enhance the performance of important business functions within an organization like Supply chain Management, Customer Supply, Production Operations and so on.

It is very essential to put a functioning “Organizational Learning Strategy” in place to help deliver, predict and measure vital learning interventions connected to the organization’s strategic business needs.

Factors like shortage of skills, rising costs, stiff competition, radical change in mission and vision, and pressure, can exert serious pressure on the learning functions of an enterprise. And as a result, the learning function’s capacity will end up not delivering on those expectations.

With SR Digital Tech, an organization is better equipped to implement a responsive and agile organization learning strategy which can integrate with the strategy, goals and organization mission. Our consulting services cover our best practices and offers experience when it comes to working with more than 400 customers across different industries.

Our tools, methodologies and framework have equipped us to unravel the value of these practices by making sure they’re ingrained into your organization’s model.

Below are the main stages in our consulting engagements:

  • Existing Stage Evaluation
  • Need or Challenge Definition
  • Objective or Goal Setting
  • Creating a Change Agenda
  • Roadmap for Learning Strategy
  • Measure, Test and Improve

The challenges we handle

Major Differentiators

  • Work according to the volatility of the business – provides responsive agility to the ever-evolving workforce and needs of the organization.
  • Industrializing the learning process and function in other to deliver, develop and measure performance.

Next Steps…

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